The Improvement Programme

Our vision

At St George’s we are committed to delivering high quality, safe and efficient services.

Patient experience is paramount.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and ensure on-going successful service delivery through a robust programme of training and development.

We are committed to delivering continuous efficiency improvements, driven by all levels of the organisation with excellent patient care and staff development at the heart of change.

Our Improvement Programme focuses on:

  • Patients: providing excellent patient care.
  • Staff: creating a culture of staff development, motivation and high performance.
  • Community: taking a ‘whole system’ approach, working closely with the community and commissioners.
  • Technology: using technology to both underpin change and direct future improvements.
  • Commercial: further develop all potential commercial avenues to support investment into patient care.

Our corporate strategy states that over the next ten years we will deliver consistently beyond our key clinical, operational and financial goals and have operational systems that are efficient, effective and add value to patient care.

The Improvement Programme is key to achieving this. One of the key aims of the programme is to support staff to work safer, better and smarter, to ensure that throughout the organisation we are delivering high quality patient-centred services which are safe.

We want to clearly demonstrate self-sufficiency and equip staff with the confidence to identify changes in their areas and give them the know-how and support to put those changes into action.

Over time, through sharing knowledge, encouraging staff-led improvement projects and developing staff skills and experience, we will establish an improvement culture throughout the organisation which can be sustained for years to come.

Your Recovery

The Improvement Programme here at St George’s has launched its Enhanced Recovery animation, currently in the Urology, General surgery and Gynaecology services of the trust.