Emergency Department

During 2010/11 attendances at St George’s Hospital emergency department have increased to an average of 360 a day. 97 per cent of cases were admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours against a national target of 95 per cent.

In 2011/12emergency department performance will be measured against eight new national clinical quality indicators designed to improve the quality of care in emergency departments across the country. The trust has drawn up an action plan to further improve the quality of data recording to help with measurements against these indicators and to improve performance in areas that will challenge us. The new indicators are:

  • Ambulatory Emergency Care
  • Unplanned re-attendance rate
  • Total time in the emergency department
  • Left without being seen rate
  • Service experience
  • Time to initial assessment
  • Time to treatment
  • Consultant sign off

The emergency department clinical indicators and emergency department service experience are available to download in PDF format. Published monthly they show how St George’s Hospital emergency department performs against national benchmarks.




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