St George’s Hospital, Surgery: GOOD

Surgical services provided safe and effective care in most areas we visited. Surgical patients told us staff were caring and they felt their needs had been met. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance was in place and internal audits indicated that there was a high level of compliance with the use of the World Health Organisation (WHO) safety checklist in most of the theatres. However, action is required in the cardiac theatre.

There was limited space in the recovery area of the operating theatres in the St James Wing. This, combined with high bed occupancy on wards, sometimes led to delays or cancellations of surgery. While this was not a good experience for the patient, it was responsive to safety concerns.

Caroline Ward, a mixed cardiology and cardiothoracic surgical ward had a number of issues which impacted on the safe, effective and well-led areas of our inspection. However, the trust was aware of the issues and was taking steps to address this.