St George’s Hospital, Services for children & young people: GOOD

Children and young people were cared for by nursing staff that were predominantly trained as children’s nurses. There were playrooms with toys and activities for children and young people of all ages. All areas were clean and there was a school on site for patients. Children, young people and their parents said that they were “happy” with the care and treatment provided.

Although there were some concerns about staffing levels the trust had plans in place to recruit extra staff with a view to covering those staff on long term sick leave. Appraisals were in place on most wards and staff stated that they benefitted from these. We were concerned that the service was not well-led.

One senior nurse told us that they had reported their concerns regarding staffing levels using whistleblowing procedures but had been “reprimanded” for doing this. Two other staff members told us that they were concerned that some senior nursing staff were “not listened to” by senior management in the trust.