St George’s Hospital, Outpatients: GOOD

Some patients found staff to be friendly, professional and caring and were mostly happy with the services provided by the trust. Others were negative about the waiting times for appointments, and many patients were frustrated that they were not given information about how long they would have to wait once they were in the clinic.

There was a reliance on temporary records as medical records were often unavailable. Patients’ paper records were not always kept securely and confidentiality was often breached. Although the trust was putting arrangements in place to obtain feedback from patients, staff told us that limited information was available about patient experiences. Staff knew that there was a regular problem with overbooking of clinics, but did not seem to understand why or how this could be better managed.

Local leadership was visible but despite this the outpatients department was not well-led. Communication was not always effective at all levels and staff were not clear on management structures and the responsibilities of other team members. Staff complained of bullying and some felt unable to raise concerns. The service needs to be better-led in order to bring about improvements.