St George’s Hospital, End of life care: REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT

End of life care was delivered by the frontline staff across the hospital. There was also a specialist palliative care team available that coordinated and led on end of life care. The care offered by the mortuary and bereavement services was considered to be excellent.

People had their treatment plans explained and relatives had been included in the care planning process. Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) form was not always completed fully.recent audits in August 2013 showed that further work was required by the trust however the small sample we reviewed were still not fully completed. There were good interactions between staff and patients and families had experienced good end of life care.

Whilst the palliative care team provided support to staff and at a trust level there was a clear understanding of the service this was not understood by staff. When questioned staff could not always identify patients who may have more than a few days to live as being at the end of their life and may benefit from access to the palliative care service. Implementation of end of life care objectives and action plans were patchy or non-existent.