Queen Mary’s Hospital, Accident and emergency: GOOD

We found that the minor injuries unit (MIU) at Queen Mary’s Hospital provided an efficient and effective walk-in service to patients who attended with minor injuries. The service had robust internal auditing procedures which ensured that the environment was clean and hygienic. Medication was stored appropriately and the service was run efficiently.

Patients attending the minor injury clinic were provided with information about their treatments and given comprehensive information verbally and in written form to take away with them. Patients who attended the unit told us they felt it was a good service and that they were treated with respect. The service was working to current National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines and had procedures in place to ensure that clinical information was current.

We found that services were well led and that the unit interacted well with the other services at Queen Mary’s Hospital. However we were told that here was less interaction of this service with the main A&E service at St George’s Hospital due to the location of the unit and the type of service which was provided. However this did not impact on the good service this unit provided to its patients.