NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

In late 2014, the Trust conducted a review of its compliance against the revised guidance in EDS2. The EDS is a tool that was developed by the NHS for the NHS to help it meet it public sector equality duties under the Equality Act 2010. It does not replace the core existing duties, rather it helps the Trust focus on key actions that will further embed equality within out delivery of services and in skilling up our managers to take account of equality in the decision making process. Along with the new duties under the Work Race Equality Standard (WRES), NHS organisations will be expected to show greater attention to embedding equality and human rights through all their process, systems and patient and staff experience.

Our EDS objectives for 2015-2019 which were approved by the Board are:

  • to prepare for the Accessible Information Standard
  • to develop a policy that supports patients with sensory needs
  • to respond to the Race Equality Workforce Standard
  • to support inclusive leadership at all levels.

Our performance against these objectives will be monitored by the Equality and Human Rights Committee and an annual update will be provided through the Risk and Assurance Committee to the Board.

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