Single equality scheme


The Trust has a legal responsibility to ensure that it eliminates unlawful discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity and ensure that these are embedded within the Trust’s policies and procedures.

We have developed an integrated Single Equalities Scheme for 2007-10 that takes account of all equality dimensions and is a ‘live’ document that is responsive to need and priorities. Our Diversity work is underpinned by Equalities and Human Rights legislation with a focus on achieving dignity and respect for all, irrespective of race, disability, gender, sexuality, age, deprivation, class or background.

The SES outlines the Trust’s actions over three years, aiming to address aspects of the general duty outlined in equality legislation. The general duty is a positive duty that builds equality into the beginning of the process of policy, decision making and plans rather than making adjustments at the end of these processes. This simply means that as a public authority we actively seek out actual or potential discrimination, as well as barriers to access and do something about it, instead of waiting for a complaint or adverse effect on someone.

Our SES is a living document. This means that as new legislation and policies are introduced or amended, and when we review our priorities and plans, we will update the SES accordingly. If you wish to comment on our SES please email

Annual diversity and workforce monitoring reports

Our annual reports highlight some of our most recent activities across the organisation. It includes information on recruitment, training and employee relations and workforce monitoring data (information about our staff) by age, gender, disability and race.

Equality impact assessments

It is the law in the UK to measure how equality affects policies and services.

The Trust has developed an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) which helps to consider the needs of diverse groups in its decision making, policies, services and strategies. There is a template to support this process and help our staff to think about how services can meet the needs of diverse user groups. This template is available below:

Equality activity across the Trust

The Trust has already done a lot of good work around disability and other equality strands and the following are some examples of what we have achieved.