Diversity and Inclusion

As part of our commitment to provide outstanding care, every time, in October 2018 we refreshed our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. The new strategy emerged as a direct result of a review of our current practices and policies together with information we gathered from staff data, surveys and consultations.

The four key strategic aims of the strategy are linked to our Trust values:

  • Visible, involved leadership – Responsible
  • Provide a culture of inclusivity, respect and trust – Respectful
  • Deliver equality, honesty and fairness evident in our practices and policies – Excellent
  • Promote and support a diverse, involved, inclusive workforce – Kind

You can read the strategy here, and also the how we will implement it via our Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan. You can also view the strategy summarised in a poster.

Over the next three years we will measure the strategy’s success by achieving the following outcomes:

  • A 25% reduction in bullying and harassment complaints
  • An established network of Executive Diversity Champions and four Diversity Staff network  groups by December 2018
  • A 10% improvement rate of BME applicants at the shortlist stage when recruiting staff for a role at the Trust
  • A 15% improved representation of BME and people with disabilities across our staff groups