Corporate Citizenship

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to becoming a good corporate citizen. This means we understand the importance of our role in supporting the local community and environmental being integral part of what we do. We therefore aim we aim to use our corporate influences and resources in ways that benefit rather than damage the environmental, social and economic conditions in our area.

As the leading NHS healthcare provider in South West London, we are committed to running our trust and services responsibly as part of our community. We have developed a Corporate Citizenship Framework that will incrementally build on work we are already doing to and will seek to continue that development with our members and partners in the future.

What are we doing?

At St George’s, we are already working in ways to reduce the impact we have on the environment, reduce health inequalities, and improve staff health and well being. We are also committed to working meaningfully with our community and other partners in developing these broad goals.

Our environment

Our work in this area is focused on our commitments as part of the wider NHS to reduce our carbon footprint by 10%.

We are also committed to reducing the use of personal cars as the main mode of transport by our staff to and from work as well as reduce waste and procure sustainable food.

Improving public health

Our work builds on national priorities in improving breastfeeding rates, reducing smoking quitters, supporting interventions for misuse of alcohol, and reducing falls in the elderly on our wards and sites.

Staff health and well-being

We are committed to introducing a staff health and well-being strategy, continue to offer work experience opportunities to young students and to developing structured long-term work experience to people with learning disabilities.

In addition, we are working on our commitments under the Equality Act 2010. You can read more about our corporate objectives for equality and human rights on

How will we measure progress?

In March 2012, we agreed the framework and the initial measures. We will publish our progress against the measures on an annual basis and will include these in our annual report from 2013 onwards.

Getting it right – your feedback and involvement matters to us

As with any organisation St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust can always improve. Receiving your views and feedback helps us to adapt and improve our corporate behaviour. We want to be the best corporate citizen we can.

If you are interested in helping St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust to be a good corporate citizen then:

  • Join us as a foundation trust member, giving you a bigger say in decisions about local hospital services
  • Contact us to tell us your views on the framework by post to Good Corporate Citizenship, c/o Director of Corporate Affairs, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust, Blackshaw Road, London, SW17 0QT or by email

We also have the following systems and processes in place to support the organisation and improve transparency and develop our public engagement:

Where issues or complaints are raised, St Georges has active procedures for dealing with them, to acknowledge, explain and where possible resolve or remedy the situation. We are committed to constantly reviewing and improving our systems to engaging and responding to our community, patient and staff.