Foundation Trusts are membership organisations. We are offering all those who have an interest in or connection to the trust the opportunity to become a member of St George’s.

New membership strategy 2019-2022

We have recently launched our new three year membership strategy which will improve how we engage with new and exisiting members.

It’s easy to become a member and its free! You can show you care and become a member and support us by:

Becoming a member demonstrates that you:

  • Support us
  • Believe in our values (Kind, Excellent, Responsible, Respectful)
  • Care about the services we provide
  • Want to hear more from us and celebrate our success

Members will:

  • Receive regular news and information from the Trust
  • Receive invitations to exclusive events and seminars
  • Be entitled to vote for and elect the council of governors
  • Be able to stand for election to the council of governors
  • Receive offers from NHS Discounts

Free Members Health Talks
We hold regular talks which are free and open to everyone. Our current talk schedule is: Talks Programme – 2019

Annual Member’s Meeting – 27.09.18
Our Annual Member’s Meeting took place on 27.09.18 where there was an opportunity to meet and ask questions of members of our Board and Council of Governors.
Draft Minutes: AMM 27 09 18 Draft Minutes
Presentation: AMM – 27 September 2018 Presentation
External Auditors Letter: St George’s Annual Audit Letter 2017-18

Our  previous Annual Member’s Meeting took place on the 07.09.17:
Final Minutes: AMM.07.09.17 Final Minutes
Presentation: AMM presentation – September 2017 FINAL
External Auditors Letter: St George’s Annual Audit Letter 2016-17

Our 2016 Annual Member’s meeting took place on the 12.10.16.
Final Minutes: AMM.12.10.16-FINAL
Presentations: amm-presentation-october-2016

We want to attract members who are both representative of our diverse local community and reflect the needs of our specialist patients from outside our immediate catchment area. Our membership include patients, local residents and other members of the public, as well as our staff.

We have over 20,000 members’, of these, about 12,500 are members of the public, with the rest being members of staff.