Council of Governors

Members of the trust are invited to vote for the governor they would like to represent them on the Council of Governors.

Here are our full Council of Governors: meet the governors_0717

Elected Governors

Anneke de Boer
Sheila Eden
Hilary Harland
Khaled Simmons

Nigel Brindley
Stuart Goodden
Yvonne Langley
Derek McKee
David Kirk
Simon Price

Mia Bayles
Robin Isaacs
Kathryn Harrison (Lead Governor)
Stephen Sambrook 

South West Lambeth:
Gail Adams

Vacant – Allied Health Professional and other clinical and technical
Vacant – Community Services Division
Dr Dagan Lonsdale – Medical and Dental
Jenni Doman – Non- clinical
David Flood – Nursing and Midwifery

Appointed from stakeholder organisations

Alfredo Benedicto – Healthwatch Merton
Donald Roy – Healthwatch Wandsworth
Dr Val Collington – Kingston University
Dr Tim Hodgson – Merton Clinical Commissioning Group
Cllr Philip Jones – Merton Council
Dr Frances Gibson – St George’s University of London
Dr Patrick Bower – Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group
Cllr Sarah McDermott – Wandsworth Council

If you wish to contact your governors please call the membership office on 020 8266 6132/4317 or email: