Board of directors

As an NHS trust, we currently have a board of directors. The board of directors is legally accountable for the management of the trust and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. The board is currently made up of five non-executive directors, four executive directors and four non-voting executive directors.

The chairman and the non-executive directors come from a range of professional backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experience that reflect the needs of the trust. Although members of the board, non-executive directors are not part of the St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust executive management team, and are effectively independent experts in their field employed to challenge the trust and provide expert leadership and guidance.

Executive directors are appointed members of staff and are responsible for managing the operational aspects of the organisation. The non executive directors scrutinise the performance of the executive and constructively challenge the way the trust is performing.

The board of directors are:

  • responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic development of the Foundation Trust
  • collectively responsible for the exercise and performance of the Foundation Trust
  • held accountable for the performance of the organisation by the council of governors
  • Have a voting majority of non-executive directors